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Please visit newly open Mu Online Season 9 Multi Server Low And High all is Original no Custom.

MuXtreme Online

January 9, 2017, 5:24 pm

Download Mu Server Tech Client

1) Download New Mu Server Tech Client from DOWNLOAD section.

2) Run Main.exe in game folder



We’re happy to announce that MU SERVER TECH will be launching soon..

Here are the opening times for different time zones:

08:00 - (Peru)

09:00 - (Venezuela)

10:00 - (Argentina, Chile)

11:00 - (Brazil)

13:00 - (West Europe, UK, Spain)

14:00 - (Poland, Italy, Hungary)

15:00 - (East Europe, Latvia, Romania, Turkey)

20:00 - (Vietnam)

21:00 - (Philippines, Malaysia)



The server wipe will happen at the end of closed beta. The date for this will be announced by us when it is set, at the moment there is no official date for the server wipe. The server wipe will erase all player created data. Everything will be deleted, including characters, items and guilds. Nothing will be left of your old game when we open the server for the open beta, this will enable all players to start on equal footing, character wise, for the open beta.



Version: Season 6 Episode 3 (Keep Points)

Bonus: 50 Credits every resets

Global Exp/Drop: 1500x / 30%

Max Stats: 65000

Points Per Level: 10/12

List command for player: /addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd /change (evolve quest) /ware /post /attack /offattack

MasterSkillTree Mastery Season 9

Client addons over 70 New Wings/ 200 Set / 500 Weapon

OffStore - selling you things in the personal store on the server, when you are offline

OffAttack - keep you character leveling up without have client open

Auto Reconnect System - no more disconnects

In-Game Cash Shop 'x'

Unique Mist. We support the special effects in the game which you never seen in official Webzen server. MU becomes even more beautiful game with our Fog (mist) effect in all ITEM/WINGS!

3D-camera. You can zoom-in, zoom-out, and rotate the camera with the mouse in the game as you wish. The all-new perspective on the world MU!

No Agility Bugs. Yes, all kind of agility bugs in Mu Online are now gone. No more issues for example with SM using Evil Spirit or Elf using Penetration and all the rest.



Invite your friends or even advertise MULOL along the world while earning free wCoinC for the CashShop. Log in to your account panel and copy your referral link and then simply share it to your friends via any messenger you may think of. The more clicks on your referral links, the more free wCoinC for your account to be used in the CashShop



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